July 13, 2017

Latest News About The BPO Industry – Is AI To Blame For Low BPO Investments In 2017?, The Data Privacy Act, and BPO Tax Perks

BPO Investments for the First Half of 2017 Down 35% There is a decrease in the number of investments made in the BPO industry in the Philippines. During the first five months of 2016, it was P10.88 billion. This year, only P7.08 billion came in. It has decreased almost 1/3 or 35%. Moreover, last year, there were 103 projects approved but this year only 87 were approved. Many fear that the drop was because of AI or artificial intelligence. AI is now used worldwide in the BPO industry and the BPO companies in the Philippines are scared that it might […]
June 28, 2017

Latest News About The BPO Industry – Tax Perks Removal, Compensation Payouts, Omni-Channel Contact Centers and Embracing Automation

Philippine government plans to remove some tax perks from the BPO industry. Colliers International Group, Inc., a property management firm, stated that it will greatly affect the expansion of the industry. It will also hinder many investors as this is one of the reasons why many American BPO companies choose the Philippines. The Department of Finance (DOF) sponsored the said reform program to help the Philippines’ revenue rise. They will get rid of the 0% value added tax (VAT) that the BPO firms enjoy. If this program gets passed by the Congress and the Senate, the BPO companies will be […]