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An Amazing Growth Story—That’s Still Unfolding!

The year was 2000. Back then, an emerging industry with only a handful of players employing a few thousand workers was slowly spreading its wings, ready to take flight.

Today, a mere 13 years later, the Philippine Call Center Industry has not only taken off; it has skyrocketed to new heights. The ever-growing sector now employs around 600,000 workers, who staff around 600 companies. In fact, the country is now recognized as the “Call Center Capital of the World”.

Yet the numbers are just one part of the industry’s tremendous growth story. The 600,000-strong workforce, for instance, is a highly educated mix of men and women who are considered the driving force behind the Call Center sector’s success. These men and women are made up of around 400,000 graduates who receive their college degree each year from colleges that take after the US-based university system. As if this was not enough, the workforce even has a 93.4% literacy rate, with half of the college graduates being highly-skilled in IT, engineering, and the like. Moreover, Filipinos workers are likewise the third-largest English-speaking population in the world. In fact, GlobalEnglish has recently cited the country as being the "Best in Business English."

All these simply mean that Filipinos can handle more than just callers from way across the globe inquiring about cable subscriptions. What’s more amazing is that you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for their services—with wages equal to about 10 percent vis-à-vis their American counterparts.

The icing on the proverbial cake is the fact that you’ve got an East-meets-West culture that’s caring, warm, and friendly—the perfect ingredients to keep customers coming back for more.

If you think all if these are just a come-on, think again. The Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) has revealed that offshoring was responsible for many companies being able to survive the dreaded financial crisis. Moreover, the lower costs have even allowed them to expand their operations and hire more employees both in the Philippines and back home.

Folks who think that all this is merely a “fad” could not be farther from the truth. A lot of foreign companies, both big and small, continue to set up their inbound call center shop in the Philippines, while the current players are likewise expanding their operations. This means they can cater to the growing number of businesses from various countries such as the UK and Australia, who make up around 10% and 7% of English-speaking clientele, respectively.

Moreover, they can meet the growing demand for services that go beyond the traditional voice calls such as non-voice operations (accounting, medical billing, and engineering, just to name a few).

And did we mention that Filipino customer call center representatives are one of, if not the warmest and most caring in the world? It is this kind of service, coupled with the aforementioned factors, that keeps clients coming back for more—not to mention winning new ones each day.

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