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The latest state-of-the-art telephone and communications equipment for high-quality, fast, and crystal-clear calls; fast and reliable internet connection for instant accessibility worldwide; the best and most efficient call center solutions, including the most updated hardware and software available today—these are just some of the things you’ll see at Magellan Solutions’ inbound call center headquarters.

Magellan Solutions’ inbound call center services take pride in utilizing the latest industry-standard equipment and facilities that can run with the best of them. In fact, we always make sure that we’re abreast with the times—if not going one step ahead of it--when acquiring the latest, and more importantly, the most efficient facilities.

If you think, however, that we bank solely on the latest high-tech equipment, think again. The other half of the “Inbound Call Center equation” is the workforce that isn’t just highly-skilled, but warm and caring as well. They make up the team that give customers that trademark “personalized touch” that Filipino call center agents—specifically those from Inbound Call Center Philippines—are known for the world over.

The best equipment, handled by the warmest customer contact center team around.

  • Training Room

    Our spacious, first-rate training facilities are designed to equip our new agents with the rudiments of their role for their effective on-the-job performance.

    Each of our training rooms can accommodate dozens of agents and come fully furnished with the latest call center technology. We have invested in the best training equipment such as projectors, projector screens and sound systems for a superior training experience for our agents. Each of our new agents are guaranteed to have their own, complete set of tools during their training sessions. We have also carefully planned the arrangement of our training rooms to serve as a simulation of our operations unit so as to mentally prepare our new agents for their actual job delivery.

    We take the training of our agents seriously, because we believe their level of competence is directly proportional to the rate of your business’ growth.

  • Server Room

    Our huge and fully air conditioned server room houses our numerous servers in a safe and secure environment.

    We follow the strictest safety standards to ensure the reliability of our services. We understand that if anything goes wrong with our servers, it is our clients’ businesses and customers who will suffer the most. To prevent this from happening, we have taken the necessary steps for our servers, cables and systems to perform as they should. From installing 24/7 air conditioned units to having our skilled technicians perform regular checking and monitoring activities, our servers can be depended on to be up-to-date and working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Operations

    Growing your business is made easy by our highly-trained workforce and state-of-the-art call center operations unit.

    Our ergonomically designed work stations enable our agents to work at their optimal level. Clean and brightly lit with adequate cooling and ventilation systems, our stations have everything our agents need to perform their tasks in the most comfortable and efficient way possible.  

    We made sure our agents are in an environment conducive for productivity and professional growth because we believe the office atmosphere has a powerful impact on the work we do.

    Our strict adherence to office safety protocols lead to a worry-free environment for our agents, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality work. Our investments in the latest communication and telephone technologies effectively support our agents as they deliver the superior service your customers deserve.

  • Conference Room

    Our ISO-certified contact center is home to a number of conference rooms all designed with function in mind.  

    Our conference rooms are fully furnished with industry standard furniture and equipment. These rooms are for the exclusive use of our staff who need a private venue for business meetings, brainstorming sessions and sit-down team activities. Each of our air conditioned conference rooms come with large tables and comfortable office chairs to ensure our staff’s comfort and productivity. The business atmosphere of our conference rooms allows our staff to concentrate on the meeting agenda with the most minimum of distractions, contributing to constructive team discussions.