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July 13, 2017
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August 10, 2017
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Agents Will Not Vanish- They Are Robots With A Heart, SONA Promises ‘Build, Build, Build’ Program and China’s Cyber Security Tightens

Call Center Agents Fight For Their Place

Many call center agents and other concerned individuals are worried that call centers and its workforce will not be needed after some years because of Artificial Intelligence or AI. This is not true according to a technology leader. He made a comparison between bank tellers and ATMs with the current situation of the call center agents. He said that ATMs did not replace tellers in the bank but it just made their jobs a bit easier.

This is what AI will do to the call centers. It will make the agent’s job easier. It will ease some burden. A human touch is still needed in this time and age in the customer support department. Even though AI is very useful it cannot think for itself or comprehend a question that is not programmed into it. Any human being that is a call center agent can. This is their difference.

Durtete’s Promise To The BPO Industry

The recent SONA of the President has open many promises not just for the common people but also for the businessmen. He, together with his administration has planned a socioeconomic program named “Build, Build, Build”. It will be one of his projects for the country.

The business sector will be the one who will benefit to it the most as it will help the economy grow. It will solve many issues like traffic and other infrastructure problems. It will help the growth of IT-BPM more because it will link the people to the jobs.

The government also promised that it will further support the BPO industry in the country. It will not retract the tax perks so it will progress and flourish more.

China To Pose Stricter Cyber Security

It seems that China has passed a new law involving their cyber security. It was effective immediately last June 1 of this year. Foreign firms like the Call Centers will have a hard time to do their business in the country as the law said they cannot carry data outside of the country.

According to the law, companies not just the foreign ones, are required to come up with protection measures for the data. Moreover, the sensitive data are only allowed to be stored inside the country. Companies who want to do it will have to undergo long and hard due process before doing so. The law is said to pass for the protection of the personal information of the citizens. It is also for the protection of the country.

China is becoming one of the countries that BPO firms are considering. However, with this new law, it might decrease the chances of the country. It will be very hard for the foreign BPO companies to do business with them because they would need to move data in and out of the country freely.