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Did Facebook Shutdown An AI That Made Its Own Language?

After the whole Facebook chat bots fiasco, their representatives admitted that they did shut it down. Facebook shut down an AI program after it has become a mess. It was not shut down because of an uncontrollable event.

They also said that it was a human error. It was not like in the movies that the chat bots are revolutionizing their way into controlling the human minds. They wanted the chat agents to respond and talk like a human but the programmers forgot to include that in their programs.

AI Will Never Replace Humans

On the other hand, it has been said over and over again that artificial intelligence will never replace the humans. According to Anthony Schofield of Deloitte, only sensationalists people think that AI can replace the existing jobs of the people.

AI will make people live and jobs faster and easier. Humans will be doing most of the hard thinking jobs while the AI will do the repetitive part of the job. Like in banks where ATMs are placed, it has never replaced the jobs of the tellers. In the near future, it will be just like that.

Artificial Intelligence’s Threat May Already Be Here

Meanwhile, there are people who think that AI’s influence is already here. They say that we are already being affected and controlled by some of the robots and automations. The people’s emotions and actions are being affected and controlled by some bots used by many companies.

They use different tactics, especially the politicians, to incite different feelings like hate and anger towards one thing. We might not know what is real and what is made up anymore after more companies and politicians try to use bots for their own good.