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July 27, 2017
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Industry news: Is AI Really Good For Us? Smartphones Overtaking Outbound Telemarketing and Swedish Companies Target Philippines BPO And Other Sector For Investments

Are people really ready for Artificial Intelligence or AI?

An Australian artificial intelligence scientist, Professor Toby Walsh, said that we are not. He said in an interview that people are “sleepwalking” into the future full of AI robots. In the year 2050, he thinks that most of the machines will have a mind on its own and can think for itself.

Bots, automated cars, Siri and much more, the era of AI is starting and it has affected many people and organizations already. Professor Walsh stated that AI will have many advantages to give the human race. However, if not used properly, it will also have much harder repercussion that what a human being can do. There might be a violation of human rights, crimes and many other things that people together with the new AI can and will do in the future.


Outbound Marketing Strategies Not Happy With Smartphones

In this era, more people have smartphones than telephones in their homes. As a result, they do not use the telephone for calls anymore. This is a nightmare for businesses that use a telephone to promote their products and services.

The National Center for Health Statistics has reported that more than 50 percent of households in the U.S. have opted to not using a telephone and instead use a mobile phone for calls. This is great news for mobile marketers. Telemarketers have to pay a fine if ever they are caught violating some laws about calling someone’s mobile number without their permission.


Companies In Sweden To Invest In Philippines

Many companies in Sweden are thinking of investing in the Philippines. Sweden sees the flourishing and growing economy of the country and it has enticed them to partner with the country. Also, the country will invest heavily in BPO companies. Moreover, they will invest in healthcare and other businesses too.

“They see the strong economic growth in this country, [given] the big population—you are 105 million now—and many well-educated young people speaking in English. So these attract Swedish businesses,” Ambassador of Sweden, Harald Fries, said.

Not only those but many Swedish companies like IKEA are also thinking of opening stores here in the country. That will open more opportunity for unemployed Filipinos and the new graduates.