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February 10, 2017
Latest News About The BPO Industry – Is AI To Blame For Low BPO Investments In 2017?, The Data Privacy Act, and BPO Tax Perks
July 13, 2017
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Latest News About The BPO Industry – Tax Perks Removal, Compensation Payouts, Omni-Channel Contact Centers and Embracing Automation

Philippine government plans to remove some tax perks from the BPO industry.

Colliers International Group, Inc., a property management firm, stated that it will greatly affect the expansion of the industry. It will also hinder many investors as this is one of the reasons why many American BPO companies choose the Philippines.

The Department of Finance (DOF) sponsored the said reform program to help the Philippines’ revenue rise. They will get rid of the 0% value added tax (VAT) that the BPO firms enjoy. If this program gets passed by the Congress and the Senate, the BPO companies will be subjected to the 12% VAT like all other industries in the country.



More and more compensation payouts are given because of social media

It was reported that UK companies have spent £65m in solving their issues with their customers via social media. These compensation and free gifts were given to consumers who complained on Twitter and Facebook in last year.

Consumers now want a better customer service as they vent their frustrations through social media. And because of that, the companies are doing their best to provide everything.

Meanwhile, The Journal of Consumer Research based in the US stated in their recent report that complaints and compensation were not equally given to men and women. They said that women tend to accept lower compensation than men. They also do not complain as much as men do.



Omni-channel will be the future of the contact center

Contact centers are expected to embrace omni-channel customer experience within the next two years.

The consumers are demanding more personalized experience as the medium to give it expands. Before, customer service is given only through phone. Nowadays, other channels such as chat, email, and videos have the same percentage as the call.

As the technology progresses, the call centers are also improving their facilities and their employees.



BPO Industry Is Embracing Automation

In 2020 more than 5 million jobs will be affected by the advancement in robotics,
autonomous transport, AI and the machine learning. Many BPO industries will
definitely get affected by this.

Having an omni-channel in the BPO industry is now the trend. Many Call Center companies
have already adopted and are learning the new way of giving customer service. Also,
according to a BPO company CEO, the industry will now focus more on the
customer experience rather than the profit. As many communication channels are
emerging, their BPO Company is utilizing chat bots as it is one of the fastest
growing medium.

In result, automated tools might and will replace real human interactions by 85% by the year 2020.