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Every interaction with your customers is an opportunity to improve your business status and close more sales. Our team can definitely make it happen for your business.

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Not everyone is expert in customer service or telesales. It takes months or even years to practice excellent phone communication with consumers. Some who tried to create their own team barely survive. The others? Well you know what exactly happened.

SMEs don't have the luxury to hire a team and train them on how to be an effective communicator towards your client. It will take so much effort - not to mention the expenses for the facility, equipment, and software you need to be a fully functional in-house call center team.

If you think it's worth it, you have all means to do so. But we'll tell you now, there are better things to do than to focus on this.

That is why InboundCall Center Philippines is here to provide top of the notch inbound call center services for your business. It's always been our goal to help SMEs in setting-up their own customer service and telesales team. Other BPO call centers will always tell you that outsourcing is about saving money - well not us. Our main selling point is the quality of our inbound call services.

Our agents went through a lot of vicious training to master the customer service and persuasive communication towards your buyer. We guarantee a result that will exceed your expectations. Speaking of expectation, our Business Developers are here to assist you in setting-up your KPIs that will help you monitor the progress of your business.

We always make sure that our service is patterned on your desired goal. In fact, we will discuss with you all the business strategies we can do to improve your operations through inbound call center outsourcing.

Did we tell you about flexible pricing? Yes we did! Some say it’s affordable, we say it’s flexible. Affordable pricing is subject, this can be affordable with big corporations but not with SMEs. With InboundCall Center Philippines, we will base the pricing on the service that you need. No minimum required!

So partner now with one of the best inbound service providers, InboundCall Center Philippines!

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Not sure what inbound call center service you need for your business?

There are a lot of inbound services available in the market. Good thing InboundCall Center Philippines offers a wide range of call center solutions - regardless of the industry and purpose of the service.

Shared Team Services

We handle different inbound call center service from call center to sales support. But unlike other BPO call centers, one agent can do all of it. Our shared team service guarantees you an all around inbound call center for your operation.

Blended Call Center

Our team can also perform an outbound call center if they need to contact third parties involved in your operation. This is perfect for some industries that have some suppliers or other providers for their products. It makes communication smoother and the first call resolution (FCR) rate higher.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services

Reduce the number of call queues you are getting everyday by setting up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services. Your customer only needs to press buttons if they have any specific questions about your product. You can focus on more pressing inbound call center service like closing sales.

Inquiry Handling Services

Our inbound call center agents are experts when it comes to customer interaction. Filipinos are naturally empathetic and patient whenever they are talking with someone. On top of that, we enhanced these traits with proper customer service etiquette and crisis management training.

Inbound Sales Services

We will take care of your inbound order taking service. Our sales representatives are experts in convincing consumers to avail your product. They've gone through numerous training about different situations on how to close sales.

After-hours Call Center Services

We guarantee a non-stop operation for your inbound call center service through our around the clock shifting schedule. Our team can accommodate your customers' needs whenever they want it.

Our current benchmark for inbound calling services


Shared Team Services

Save more money by having agents who can do all the inbound call center service for you. You no longer need to hire different teams for your customer service and order taking department. We guarantee quality service and goal-oriented operation for your business.

Blended Call Center

Increase your customer satisfaction (CSAT) score by providing an immediate solution for your customers' inquiries. This is a Blended Call Center for you. Your customer doesn't have to wait for days and weeks just to resolve their concern. Our agents can call the responsible parties and resolve the issue ASAP.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services

Too many calls to attend to? We help your business from long call queues by setting up an IVR service. Now, your customers no longer need to talk to live agents to answer their inquiries. You can set an automated answer for their frequently asked questions by just dialing a particular number.

Inquiry Handling Services

Customer satisfaction should be the main goal of your business. This helps you in getting more clients and building your reputation. With that in mind, our team can help you in achieving your goal to be the best SME with an excellent customer support team. Inquiry handling service is one of the best features as a BPO call center.

Inbound Sales Services

Taking advantage of every opportunity to convert prospect clients is critical for every start-up business. InboundCall Center Philippines can definitely help you in increasing the chance of closing all the sales inquiry. Our order taking service is an excellent way to improve your business profit.

After-hours Call Center Services

Your customers could be everywhere and from different time zones. That is why your inbound call center must not stop from operation. You need to have an agent available to answer customers' inquiries anytime. InboundCall Center Philippines provides customer service and order taking assistance for your customers 24/7, even on holidays!


Here at Inbound Call Center Philippines, we prioritize the quality of our service. We believe that an excellent service will lead to more customers and eventually a better profit. Our agents have consistent training to enhance their skills and knowledge when it comes to inbound services. Our end-goal here is to see your business prosper and prepare you for better opportunities.

We pride ourselves in assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in their ventures. Our clients come from different industries like retail, e-commerce, and healthcare.

Here's how we provide inbound call center solutions for our business partners:

Crisis Management Training for Agents

Our agent went through several crisis management training to prepare them for any situation. Rest assured that we will professionally handle all your customers' concerns regardless of the circumstances.

Natural Neutral Accent

Your customers love to talk to someone they understand. Our team can definitely interact with them as they have a natural neutral accent. In addition to that, Filipinos are one of the best English speakers in Asia.

Flexible Inbound Call Center Pricing

Our service is not only affordable, you can also limit the expense on services that you only need. Unlike other BPO contact centers, Inbound Call Center Philippines don't have a minimum requirement before partnering up. We understand that SMEs only have small teams to operate their inbound services.

Personalized Service for Every Business

Our service is not a "one size fits all" program. We understand that every SMEs has different needs. That is why we will tailor a personalized service for your inbound call center service. You don't have to be afraid as we will test it out first before doing a live operation.

Top of the Line Security System

This is often an overlooked feature but BPO contact center should have a fool proof security system. Good thing Inbound Call Center Philippines have an updated and top notch data safety protocols for your information. We have ISO and HIPAA compliance certification as a proof of our effort in fortifying our online security.

Goal-oriented Call Center Operations

We will precisely follow the KPI you and our Business Developers made from the start. This is to ensure that everything is under strict monitoring. Besides that, we can determine other challenges your company might face in the future and we can create an immediate response to it.


We provide satisfactory results. EVERYTIME

We always bring excellent results for our business partners. It is one of the trait they love about us. We go beyond the KPI if deem necessary for the development of your business.

We have state of the art software for your business.

Our call center operation always has the latest software available in the market. Some software we currently have are ICBM, ViciDialer, FreshDesk, RingCentral, Zendesk, Bria, and Five9.

We take pleasure in seeing a successful call center operation for SME.

Our motivation is to see your company development throughout our partnership. SMEs should have an option to expand their business whenever they want through outsourcing call center services.

We understand you and your customers' need.

We balanced out your business' needs and your customers' demands. Our more than a decade experience in inbound call centers is a testament of how we always listen to our partners and their clients.


Inbound call center service involves answering calls from customers. Some of the departments where you can outsource inbound calling are customer support, order taking, reservation, and tech support. Partnering with a BPO contact center guarantees a positive turnaround when it comes to profitability and quality of your service.

Here at Inbound Call Center Philippines, we make you and your customers' lives easier. Our customer support system is made to deliver exemplary results for our clients. While other BPO contact centers only care for your business, we also think about your consumers. It is our way to continuously improve the quality of our services.

How Do We Handle Inbound Calls?

Inbound Call Center Philippines have agents who listen to your customers. It is one of the key reasons why we have an excellent inbound call center service. Your customers love it when you listen to them, it means you care about their opinion. That is how we can improve your customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating.

How Many Calls Should an Inbound Agent Take?

On an average day, one inbound call center agent takes 50 calls for your business. That's a lot of inquiries and it might be hard to accommodate all of them by yourself. That's why it is important that you have a contact center company to manage your daily incoming calls.

What is Inbound Query?

Inbound query refers to an incoming call made by your customer to ask about your product. It is important that you answer all of them to improve your relationship with your client. This will lead to higher sales conversion and abiding brand loyalty.


Can't handle the overwhelming customer inquiries everyday? Want to focus more on strategizing business development? Our team will work 24/7 to manage your inbound call center service. We will design the call center operation based on your customers needs and the budget you have.

1. Let's discuss the achievement you want to unlock for your business.

Our Business Developers will make sure to analyze your business operation and create an inbound call center strategy for your firm.

2. We will set-up your KPI to measure your success while partnering with us.

Let's work together to create a desirable metrics for your operation. This will help us in monitoring the progress of your business.

3. Once we achieve your goal, let's talk about the future.

We know that outsourcing your inbound call center is just the start. Allow us to guide you in realizing the full potential of your business. Once we've achieved your KPIs, let's talk about business expansion.


InboundCall Center Philippines has been assisting SMEs for more than a decade now. We provide quality customer care support for your clients wherever and whenever they may need you.



Contact us today and experience how InboundCall Center Philippines can help you with your needs. Same thing we'll be doing for your clients once we set-up your call center service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is inbound call?

    Inbound calls are any calls made for a particular business or organization that provides either products or services or both. The purpose of these calls are mainly for verification, follow-up question, and customer relations in nature.

    What is inbound call center?

    An inbound call center is a specialized function in a contact center that handles inbound calls. They help take in calls that the business cannot take on their own or decided to oursource this particular function for efficiency purposes. The main KPI for inbound call center is managing customer happiness through CSAT scores or simply, customer satisfaction rating.

    Which is better inbound or outbound call center?

    This depends on the nature of the calls. Inbound calls are mainly for managing the current flow of customer enquiries to a business. Outbound call center are for businesses that want to generate leads or do a telemarketing campaign.

    How to setup inbound call center?

    Inbound call center can be set-up easily. A business make arrangements to have the business phone lines handled by a contact center firm. It usually involves the onboarding and training agents to take those calls specific to the business demands.

    What is inbound call center jobs?

    Inbound call center jobs simply pertain to the professional career in call center and bpo services. It usually has something to do with telephony services and customer handling services.

    How many inbound calls per day?

    The volume of inbound calls depend on the historical trend of the business itself. It can range from the hundreds up to the thousands depending on the nature of the organization.

    What is inbound and outbound call center services?

    Inbound and outbound call center services is a full-service application of contact center operation. It helps buinesses maintain their customers and keep them happy while the other part of the operations win new customers for the business.

    How many calls should an inbound agent take?

    This is a case to case basis. The average handling time per agent depends on the pacing and the maintenance of call handling capability per agent. The average amount of calls wherein good communication remain intact is the max number of calls an agent can theoretically take.

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