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Why Do You Need a Blended Call Center Service?

In a blended contact center, agents are capable of both inbound and outbound call operations. As such, this offers an advantage to businesses, providing them productivity and agility, regardless of the scale of their operations.

With a blended contact center, your business can achieve higher efficiency rates. This is because call center agents will not have to wait for customers to call them for support, but they can also initiate the call to check in on them.

With this in mind, this can also do wonders in your customer satisfaction rate. Aside from accommodating incoming calls from customers, call center agents can also call them back for quality check, follow-ups, and other concerns which shows proactiveness and willingness to address their inquiries.

That is why here in Inbound Call Center Philippines, we also train our agents to perform outgoing calls to easily resolve any customers' issue. We have more than a decade of performing different call center service for various industries. It shows how SMEs are trusting our call center agents in doing the right thing for their customers.

We also have different certifications from regulatory organizations to better establish our claim as one of the best BPO contact centers for SMEs. On top of that, we have several strict protocols to secure all your valuable information. It is our commitment to our clients who entrust us with their data.

Partner now with the #1 SME-focused Blended Call Center Service Provider in the Philippines!

Our Approach to Blended Call Center Service

When looking for a Blended Call Center Service provider, you should consider the flexibility of the agents that will handle your account.

We have the best hybrid call center agents in the Philippines. Our team can perform both incoming and outgoing calls for your business. Here's how we do it:

  • we provide numerous training for our inbound call center agents on how to perform outgoing calls.
  • we study your business and create a strategy on how our agents can deal with several customer service challenges.
  • we conduct weekly and monthly assessments to our agents to monitor their performance in blended call center service.

Rest assured that we will keep track of our agents' performance to ensure the service quality for your customers. We have several qualifications to consider before considering a successful blended call center program for your business.

B2B Blended Call Center Service

We can deal with your outgoing B2B transaction to resolve issues like supplies, logistics, and schedules. We trained our team to professionally interact with other firms when they are representing our business partners.

B2C Blended Call Center Service

Hire a team that can contact your consumers whenever you need to follow up with something. Whether it's about product survey, quality assurance, or following up about documents, our agents got you covered!

Omnichannel Call Center Software

Our technologies are built to work for different platforms your customers use. Outsourcing with us allows you to reach all of the prospect buyers interested in your product. Then, our team can contact them to purchase your product or service.

Fast and Easy Hybrid Call Center Solution

Customers want to resolve their issue during the first contact if possible. Having an inbound call center agent that knows how to perform outgoing calls can definitely make it happen. They can immediately contact the parties involved instead of just assigning it to another person who can work on the task. Leaving the customer waiting to resolve their issues for days or weeks.

Three-way Calling Service

Hire a team that can perform three-way calling service between your consumers and other parties involved. This is beneficial if your customers want to directly contact your other partners to resolve the issues with your guidance. Some financial institutions are using this to connect clients and a business during disputes.

Let's mix and match call center services that are applicable in your business. Having the right amount of inbound and outbound call center service can greatly boost the productivity of your operation.

Our Business Developers are ready to help you in identifying which service works for your business. We can help you set the benchmarks to monitor the progress of your outsourced call center services. Besides that, we can assist you in determining the software and number of agents you need. Once done, we will calculate the total cost of the service.

Our current benchmark for inbound calling services

Cross-trained Call Center Agents

We train our agents to adapt to whatever situation they're in. This will help them to solve customers issues in regards with your product or service. Rest assured that we will provide resolution in a professional and empathetic manner.

Maximize Your Productivity

Having blended call center agents reduce the piling of pending tasks for your company. Instead of creating tasks to be solved later, they can perform outgoing calls to resolve customers' issues immediately.

Cost-Effective Blended Call Center Service

Increase your company's competitiveness while saving money for additional manpower. You no longer need different agents for your inbound and outbound call center needs. Blended call center service can do it all for your business.

Unceasingly Improving Service Quality

We never stop in looking for ways to improve our services. We always have training for our agents to improve their skills. Rest assured that we can always adapt to the ever-changing business market.

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What is Blended Call Center Services?

Blended call center service is an outsourcing features that allows agents to perform both inbound and outbound calls. The usual process is customers will call your business to inquire about your product and agents will either resolve the issue immediately or do an outgoing call to ask parties involved regarding the inquiry. The goal of having a blended call center service is to reduce the number of agents working for your company by integrating both functions to a single agent.

One benchmark for the blended call center service provider is their ability to secure all the clients' sensitive information. When customers are calling, agents have to pull up all their information such as cc info, contact information, etc. It is imperative that BPO contact center will also showcase their security protocol before you outsource your business. There are several regulatory organizations like ISO and HIPAA that are giving certifications if the call center company passed their standardization process.

How Much Do Blended Call Center Service Cost?

Blended call center service consists of several factors that BPO contact center should consider before giving you a final price point. That is why call centers are talking with their partner first to determine the kind of service they need for their business. The length of the contract also affects the final cost. Longer contract means better pricing for the call center service. For SMEs looking to outsource, you should find a BPO contact center that offers no minimum requirement as some call center companies expect hundreds of seats from their business partners.

What Industries Benefit from Blended Call Center Service?

Many industries are using blended call center service for their business. Most notable examples are the banks and other financial institutions. Some customers will call them to file a dispute against a business. Instead of creating documentation about the dispute, some agents can call the business and do a three-way call to resolve the issue right away with the customer. Some other industries are eCommerce, medical sector, and delivery companies.

Is it a Good Idea to have a Blended Call Center Service for SMEs?

Having a blended call center service for SMEs means having a better customer service for your consumers. It will reduce the task that you need to do as it will eliminate the long pile of tasks being created if customers call with their inquiry and you have to call them back to resolve it. Now, agents can easily call your partners to inquire for your customers. It will also improve the customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating of your business.

Launch Your Blended Call Center Service with Us

Want to increase the customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate of your business? Need to reduce the workloads you're doing due to a long list of customers' inquiries? Our blended call center agent can definitely alleviate the situation by immediately solving all the incoming calls from customers whenever it's possible.

1. Let's talk objectively about your targets and KPIs

We can discuss the end-goal you want to achieve when you outsource your business. We can exchange ideas on how to improve your blended call center service.

2. Tell us the ideal blended call center team you have in mind.

Part of the KPIs that we will discuss is the attributes of the agents you want to work for your company. We will take care of the hiring process after you give us your preferred team.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

We are relentless when it comes to improving the call center aspect of your service. Once we achieved your desired KPI, let us discuss how we can further improve your inbound service.


InboundCall Center Philippines has been assisting SMEs for more than a decade now. We provide quality customer care support for your clients wherever and whenever they may need you.

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Contact us today and experience how InboundCall Center Philippines can help you with your needs. Same thing we'll be doing for your clients once we set-up your call center service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Blended Agent?

    A blended agent is a person that's responsible for handling calls from customers in multiple channels. It means handling both the incoming and outgoing calls for clients, whether it is B2B or B2C transaction. When there is no call waiting in the queue, blended agents can work on answering email, chats, or even outgoing calls for your clients.

    Where Can I Outsource Blended Call Center Service?

    Inbound Call Center Philippines has been helping SMEs with their blended call center needs for more than a decade now. We have several programs that will surely fit your needs. On top of that, we are one of the trusted partners when it comes to call centers because of several certifications we have from ISO, HIPAA, GDPR, and other standardization organizations. Contact us today if you wish to receive a free consultation about blended call center service.

    What is a Blended Campaign?

    A blended call center campaign is a combination of incoming and outgoing activity. Inbound activity allows customer to call the organization which can be converted to outbound work if needed. Blended campaign gives an organization more flexible and creative ways to resolve customers' issues immediately.

    What are the Skills Required for Blended Call Center Agent?

    Basic knowledge on how to approach inbound and outbound calls are essential when looking to outsource your blended call center service. Agents should know how to deal with customers during the incoming calls, the common courtesy, the probing questions etc. At the same time, he/she should know how to build a rapport whenever performing an outgoing call, how to establish the concern, how to convince the customer to provide more information, etc. It takes a lot of work to master the blended call center service. But with proper training, anyone can perform it with ease.

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