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We are the number #1 Inquiry Handling Service Provider for SMEs. We have high quality customer support agents to increase your customer satisfaction rating (CSAT).

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Why Do You Need Outsourcing Inquiry Handling Service?

Outsourcing your inquiry handling service can quickly improve your relationship with your existing and future customers. It allows you to connect with them on every platform they are using. Installing your own contact support team for your business can provide a better customer experience for your consumers.

The benefits of having your own customer service team is so tremendous yet not everyone is aware of it. You already have an advantage when you outsource this function. However, choosing the right business partner is critical as you need to consider a lot of factors.

Pricing of the service is the most common thing to consider. But, all BPO contact centers are already offering an affordable cost for their inbound services. What you need to look for is the credibility and quality of the third-party service provider.

This is where Inbound Call Center Philippines differs from its competitor. We value the service level of our agents to ensure that every party involved is satisfied. Our more than a decade experience is a testament to how we can nourish our business partners and their clients at the same time.

Aside from the quality, Inbound Call Center Philippines knows the importance of having a credible reputation. That's why we always work hard to be one of the most trusted BPO contact center in Asia. In fact, we have certification from different standardization organizations such as ISO and HIPAA. This certification cements our efforts to maintain an excellent service for our business partners.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Inbound Inquiry Handling Service Provider for SMEs today!

Our approach to inbound inquiry handling service

An excellent customer satisfaction (CSAT) score should be your end-goal when outsourcing inquiry handling service.

We can always highlight how incredibly flexible pricing is. However, this shouldn't be the main priority when it comes to the customer handling process. Our team can provide outstanding customer support. Here's how we do it:

  • we study the demographics of your customers before creating a personalized business model.
  • we hire people that have customer service experience and train them to improve their skills further.
  • we onboard them and provide a quality assurance team to monitor the progress of your KPIs.

Expect a positive turnaround when you outsource your inquiry handling service with us. We will strictly follow the KPIs we created to ensure that we are always on the right track when it comes to customer support service.

Dedicated Call Service

Use our business to create a personalized service for your consumers. Our team can adopt with your business identity and apply it to your inquiry handling service.

Omnichannel Customer Service

Aside from incoming calls, our team can also handle inquiries from customers using other platforms such as social media and websites. It is a great way to expand the visibility of your business.

Multi Language Services

Your consumers could be coming from different countries. Therefore, speaking different languages. Hire a team that can communicate with all your clients wherever they are. It will boost the profitability of your business.

Latest Technology

Our call center operation always has the latest software available in the market. Some software we currently have are ICBM, ViciDialer, FreshDesk, RingCentral, Zendesk, Bria, and Five9.

High Quality Customer Support

We will maximize the potential of your customer service by assigning agents who have a previous experience in the client support industry. Our trainer will guide them to enhance their experience and apply it to your consumers.

Gain more trust! Your customers will grow fond of your business when you have an exceptional team that will support them on their inquiries.

Our Business Developers are ready to assist you in your inbound call center needs. Together, let's create a high quality customer experience for your consumers. Let's define the number of agents you need and software that you will use. Once we iron out everything then we can discuss the cost of the operation.

Our current benchmark for inbound calling services

Superior Customer Service Level

Our more than a decade experience in inbound call centers speaks a lot about our capability to provide superior customer service to our business partners. We treat your customers as our customers too to create a beautiful business to consumer relationship.

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand the time sensitivity when it comes to onboarding your inquiry handling service. Our team guarantees a quick positive result after we go on live inbound operation.

Top-Tier Inquiry Management

We trained our agents to be creative when it comes to solving customers' inquiry. Inbound Call Center Philippines provides several crisis management training to prepare our team for any situation.

Flexible Service Cost

While other BPO contact centers promote affordable pricing, Inbound Call Center Philippines believes that cost calculation should be flexible. Affordability may not apply in every firm especially if the target companies are the Fortune 500. We have NO MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS when it comes to our service.

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What is inquiry handling service?

Inquiry handling service covers a multitude of services with regards to customer connection. Outsourced customer support services address a business' long on-hold time, unanswered queries, or lack of manpower. Outsourcing of customer service is a flexible strategy to ensure an open communication between customers and a business is working at its best.

Outsourcing your inquiry handling service also protects your customers' information. BPO contact centers have strict data privacy protocols to ensure that there is no leak information in your database. Your consumers will trust you more knowing that you value all the information they entrust to your company.

How Much Do Inquiry Handling Service Cost?

There should be no definite amount when it comes to the inquiry handling service. There is a lot to consider before coming up with the actual cost. Therefore, look for a BPO contact center that offers flexible costing as there are many third-party service providers that say they have affordable prices but depends on the type of company.

What are the best inquiry handling services?

Inbound Call Center Philippines offer various inquiry handling service depending on what the business need. This is to ensure tailor-fit solutions for any kind of business model, of any size. Some of our services are the following:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Invoice inquiries
  • Balance inquiries
  • Order tracking and fulfilment
  • Customer care support
  • Inbound sales support
  • Billing support
  • Replacements
  • Account management

Is it a good idea for SMEs to outsource inquiry handling service?

Building an excellent relationship with the customers should be the priority for small businesses. It is a great investment for future consumers through good reviews and recommendations from existing users. You must have a trusted outsourcing provider to gain more traction in a competitive market.

Launch Your Inquiry Handling Service with Us

Want to gain more loyal customers? Preparing to expand the visibility of your business? Inbound Call Center Philippines is here to guide in your outsourcing journey towards a bigger business goal.

1. Let's talk objectively about your targets and KPIs

Let's talk about your short-term and long-term goal for your business. We will make sure to fulfill everything at a given time frame. If you're not sure what to achieve, we are always here to provide some possibilities.

2. Tell us the ideal team you have in mind.

Some BPO companies usually take over everything after you outsource your service. But Inbound Call Center Philippines believes in collaborative effort between business partners. That's why we will hire people depending on your preference. We believe in your intuition when it comes to people who will work for your company.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

Your success is inevitable, once we achieve your desired goals. We can talk about other strategies to further improve your business' customer service.


InboundCall Center Philippines has been assisting SMEs for more than a decade now. We provide quality customer care support for your clients wherever and whenever they may need you.

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Contact us today and experience how InboundCall Center Philippines can help you with your needs. Same thing we'll be doing for your clients once we set-up your call center service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Advantages of Inquiry Handling Services?

    • Answer all inquiries and resolve your customers’ problems
    • Enhance your customers’ experience
    • Facilitate good customer interaction to cultivate better relationships
    • Access to full time support agents who are knowledgeable and skillful in customer care
    • Faster and more accurate service delivery
    • Affordable call center solutions

    What is Inquiry Handling Services?

    When a customer calls to inquire about a product, there are 4 phases that an agent should do to successfully close the business transaction.

    It is the sub-contracting or outsourcing customer support calls functions of a business to a third-party company, usually to a call center. It is available for both voice (phone calls) and non-voice (live chat and email) operations. Currently, the biggest customer service outsourcing destination is Philippines.

    What Industries Can Benefit from Inquiry Handling Service?

    Inquiry handling service applies to most of the industries in the market. Most notably in the eCommerce and retail business. Most of the customers in this line of business want to inquire about their product or services.

    Some other industries getting interested in inquiry handling service are the medical sector and logistics companies. Medical inquiries such as billing concerns and appointment setting are popular tasks for outsourcing firms. Meanwhile, checking the status of a delivery package is one of the reasons why logistics companies outsource their inquiry handling service.

    Where Can I Outsource My Inquiry Handling Service?

    If you are looking for a perfect destination for your inquiry handling service then you must look at BPO contact center in the Philippines. They have the best call center agents that speak with a neutral accent in Asia. Besides that, they can also cater different industries from different regions.

    Inbound Call Center Philippines is one of the most trusted BPO contact centers in the Philippines. We have more than a decade experience in the customer service industry. Contact us today and let us discuss your business outsourcing needs.

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