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We are the best Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services Provider for SMEs. We provide an improved customer experience and better call queues to our business partners.

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Why Do You Need Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services?

Having a company to set-up your interactive voice response system will give your customer a better calling experience. IVR is an essential element in modern call centers, as it is the backbone of effective routing procedures, leading to improved call center productivity.

With an IVR technology, you no longer need to have a receptionist or a live agent who answers calls and directs calls to the appropriate department. An IVR system is cost-effective, which will help increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

IVR solutions will also ensure customer satisfaction with first contact resolution. This is because callers will be directed to their desired department who are capable of answering their inquiries, addressing their concerns, and meeting their expectations.

Inbound Call Center Philippines can definitely give you an outstanding interactive voice response system for your call center operations. We have more than a decade of partnership with SMEs. Besides that, we have ISO certification as a proof that we always follow strict protocols to protect all of your sensitive information.

We can provide you the latest IVR technology available in the market today. You no longer need to worry about any system upgrade as it is part of the package if you partner with us.

Partner now with the #1 SME-focused Interactive Voice Response System Provider in the Philippines!

Our approach in setting up your IVR system.

Having the latest and upgraded version of technology is our priority when we are installing IVR technology for your business.

We always provide quality and latest software for your IVR system needs. We will consider several applications to use for your business. Besides that, we will still integrate real time agent to answer questions that are not part of the menu options. Here's how we do it:

  • we will study your business and determine what kind of IVR system to install in your business.
  • we hire people that have customer service experience and train them to improve their skills further.
  • we will train agents to answer questions or inquiries that is not part of the menu. Our team will provide brand awareness training to prepare these agents.

By following these steps, your operation will be prepared for any inquiries or questions coming in. This will also prevent any long queues especially if the customers inquiry is in the FAQs we strategically include in the menu option.

Fully Automated System

We will make sure to minimize human error by having a fully automated IVR system. Only tech support experts can access the algorithms used to create the IVR solutions.

Tech Support Team to Monitor the Software

Our team can also check the performance of the software and de-bug it if there are any issues. We can also create a database to see which option is the most used among the FAQs. It is a great way to know what your usual inquiries are.

Live Answering Service to Answer Other Inquiries

There are only limited options that you can put on the menu. We can also put agents that can answer questions outside the FAQs. We will make sure that they are fully knowledgeable about your product to answer other queries.

Strategic Menu Options

Aside from identifying the FAQs, we will also carefully plan out what option should be put in keypad 1, 2, 3, and so on. It will affect the customers' waiting time on the phone. The most common questions should be in the earlier options so they can route calls immediately.

Non-stop Business Call Center Operations

Your customer can still enjoy your IVR solutions even after-business hours. You will never know if there will be a long call queue when you're not around. Besides that, we will also assign agents that will answer other queries after-hours. We will set-up your IVR system to work during weekends and holidays too.

Small businesses deserve the latest technology too! Our goal is to integrate a combination of human interaction and automated assistance to our business partners' call center operation.

Our Business Developers are ready to assist you in transforming your call center operation into a high-tech fully functional automated customer service. We can discuss the services that you need and how you want to execute it. Once we iron out everything that you want for your inbound call center then we can talk about the pricing.

Our current benchmark for inbound calling services

Skilled Live Answering Service Agents

Hire people that will be responsible for answering customers' questions outside the FAQs. We have several training sessions about brand awareness to ensure the capacity to represent your company to your customers.

Smooth Sailing IVR System

We guarantee a bug free IVR software for your small business. This software will not be affected by high volume of incoming calls using the IVR solutions.

Flexible IVR Service Pricing

Automate your system without the need to spend too much money. We offer a flexible pricing that will depend on the number agents you need and the software we will use. NO MINIMUM REQUIRED.

Continuously System Upgrade

As long as we are your business partner, we will make sure that you will get the most updated software available. Save yourself the hassle of regularly checking for the latest IVR application available. Focus on more pressing business matters.

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What is Interactive Voice Response IVR?

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a telephone application commonly used in the call center industry. It allows businesses to connect with customers through a series for automated messages. These messages provide menus that customers can choose from. It will lead them to another menu until they specify the reasons for their call. Customers can press a button from their phone's keypad or simply speak the responses to interact with the automated message.

One of the reasons why companies are using IVR is to reduce the number of calls they are getting everyday. There are times that some customers are asking the same question. Thus, IVR can just answer the question for them. Those questions that's not part of the IVR will be routed to a live answering service. This goes to show that technology and human interaction can go hand-in-hand and not compete with each other.

How Much Do Interactive Voice Response Services Cost?

If you wish to set-up an in-house IVR system for your company then it might cost you around $1,460; one hosted line is much cheaper at $810 per line. This is a huge cost especially if you are a start-up business. You can't afford to spend too much money to automate your call center service. That is why outsourcing this service is a practical choice. They can offer more affordable pricing after they consider other factors like the number of agents you need for the inbound service.

Is It a Good Idea to Outsource Interactive Voice Response Service?

Every industry can benefit from the IVR system. SMEs can provide a better customer experience for the clients. Their consumers no longer have to wait for a long time to talk with a live person. They can immediately get an answer by just pressing a button on their phone. They don't have to talk to actual agents to get the answer they want.

What Services Can You Install an Interactive Voice Response?

If you have multiple departments that receive phone calls then it is necessary to have an IVR system. It will cost you less than to provide a different phone number for each department. For example, customers can just press a specific extension if they need to talk to the billing department or customer service. They no longer have to be routed at several departments before getting to the right person to talk to. By having an IVR solution, you are giving the customers an option to choose who the person they want to talk to.

Launch Your Interactive Voice Response Services with Us

Want to reduce the call volume you're receiving everyday? Need to make a plan to organize the call you're getting? Installing an Interactive Voice Response System can definitely alleviate a lot of inbound call center challenges you are facing on a daily basis.

1. Let's talk objectively about your targets and KPIs

Let us know what you want to achieve after we install the IVR technology. We will make sure to monitor the progress of your call quality and report it back to you.

2. Tell us the ideal operation you want for your IVR service.

Let's discuss what type of operation you imagine for your IVR call center service. We can provide additional agents to accommodate unanswered questions by IVR. On top of that, we can assign IT experts to monitor the stability of your software.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

Improving the quality of your inbound call center is just the start. Allow us to help you in improving your contact support further. Let's discuss business development and how to introduce it to a wider set of customers.


InboundCall Center Philippines has been assisting SMEs for more than a decade now. We provide quality customer care support for your clients wherever and whenever they may need you.

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Contact us today and experience how InboundCall Center Philippines can help you with your needs. Same thing we'll be doing for your clients once we set-up your call center service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of having an Interactive Voice Response?

    Here are some of the reasons why you should set-up a Interactive Voice Response System:

    • reduce the number of daily call queues
    • minimize the customer holding time
    • immediate response to customers' inquiry
    • integrating a latest technology to your business
    • future proof call center operations
    • affordable pricing when outsourcing the service

    There are still a lot of benefits when you outsource the IVR set-up. In addition to that, the technology is continuously improving so the potential is limitless for this call center feature.

    What does an IVR do?

    Interactive voice response or IVR provides answers to customers depending on the option they choose. These options are pre-recorded depending on the company's preference. The usual options are the FAQs that customers are inquiring about. It could also be an instruction on how to reach a specific extension. Their customers can dial the extension using their dial pad. These extensions will route the caller to a specific department or person.

    What are some of IVR software?

    • AVOXI
    • contactSPACE
    • Zendesk
    • Genesys Cloud
    • Bitrix24
    • ROUTEE
    • Infobip
    • Call Center Studio
    • Channels
    • Voxco IVR
    • Kixie PowerCall

    What company is the best IVR provider?

    With over a decade of experience servicing SMEs, Inbound Call Center Philippines is your best choice when it comes to IVR system. They might be more companies that are longer than us but what sets us apart is how we personalized all of our service for each business partners. We believe that every business is unique therefore deserve to have a personalized service. We study the business' data thoroughly before coming up with an effect inbound call center solutions. Contact us today and get a free consultation about setting up your Interactive Voice Response Service.

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