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Hotel Answering Service


How do you provide the utmost satisfaction for your hotel guests? Do you have wonderful drinks and wet towels to greet them at the reception? Do you have a team of dancer waiting for them when they arrive? Or how about some complimentary gift packs during guests’ arrival? For others, they have free meals once a day. Some would opt to give them free internet access and maybe even a wonderful souvenir waiting for the guests at their rooms. It does not matter what your gimmick is but it is essential that you do know how to make your guests be satisfied.

What most hotel owners do not know is that providing utmost satisfaction of guests is not necessarily all about the services that you provide while they are staying there with you. The thing is, customers will remember you and go back to you if they are able to get service for all things connected with your hotel - and that includes the very first time that they contacted you for inquiries and for other information that they may need from you. This is why Inbound Call Center Philippines strives to help out hotel owners like you by providing hotel answering services.

Hotel answering services are going to be good for your hotel. You would be able to focus on core tasks that are required of you. Plus, you would be getting a great team of agents who know how to properly handle customer inquiries, complaints, and what-have-you so as to make them remember your hotel as a real good place to stay in. You are a part of the hospitality industry and so you must have a great team of hospitable individuals. The team at Inbound Call Center Philippines is just that and they are quite the professionals when it comes to doing their tasks.

Calls are properly handled

It does not matter how many calls you get each day. It does not matter what kind of calls you get for your hotel. The team at Inbound Call Center Philippines who would be working to help out your hotel with its calls are professionals and are skilled at providing the best customer service even through the phone lines. Agents that provide contact center solutions are properly trained and know how to work out any issues or queries that may come their way. These individuals are specifically trained in hospitality and thus know how to properly deal with any guests calling in for various reasons. It does not matter if it is about inquiries about your facilities, a reservation, a booking, or maybe even a call to have the sheets changed in room 402 - these are the right people to handle such calls.

Manning the lines 24/7

Hotels do not close after business hours. In fact, hotels continue to provide services 24/7. Holidays and such are not a part of the hotel industry. Thus, the same goes true for customer service lines. There is no need to worry though as Inbound Call Center Philippines has seen this and has created 24/7 operations to help you out. If needed, its agents are also willing to take calls even during holidays. They do know that holidays are one of those times when the lines cannot stop ringing. It would not hurt to help out.

More time on your hands

How many times have you been disturbed with whatever task you are currently working on because the phone suddenly rang? Without the phones blaring every now and then, you can expect all your hotel staff to be able to be more productive. They would be able to focus on the tasks that they have to do without having to deal with the phone lines. All calls would be handled by Inbound Call Center Philippines so that you would be able to smoothly run your operations and provide the best customer experience for all of your guests.

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